HYPERSUITE ZV/2: Capturing Process Automation for Paper Documents

In recent years, requirements for payments processing at banks have been increasing. Reasons for this development being a higher number of transactions and the introduction of new forms of payment and payment systems (€-Giro, IPI, SEPA, etc.). These factors call for a State-of-the-Art, flexible system that enables the highest possible degree of automation and a significant increase in your processing rate.


Based on IMTF’s long time experience and thanks to a close collaboration with our existing banking clients, IMTF has tackled this problem and developed a second generation payment capture solution: HYPERSUITE ZV/2. This solution is based on the latest SOA architecture and automates for the following processes:

  • Outgoing payments
  • Incoming payments
  • International payment transactions
  • Forms and non-standardized documents
  • Incoming payments (PostFinance) EGA-B/EGA-V
  • Automation (payway, correspondent, etc.)
  • Integration (corebanking / archiving system)

For both national and international payments (SWIFT), HYPERSUITE ZV/2 can work with your existing AML message filtering system or it can be extended with SironEmbargo for online message filtering.


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