Protection of Sensitive Information – Beyond DLP

Protection through the entire life-cycle

from creation through collaboration to storage

Classification driven protection

Encryption and Permission Management (IRM)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

IP/2 – Protection of Sensitive Client Information

IP/2 offers both classification and enforcement of protection (encryption). The solution is based on data identification and a technology that classifies and applies protection by embedding it into the data. IP/2 is covering all “data & channels”, meaning data at rest (files, databases, intranet, etc.), data in motion (e-mail, network, internet) and data in use (devices, apps, etc.) including all correspondent permissions.

The Components of IP/2

Persistent Classification and Protection

IP/2 enables policy-driven implementation of existing classification models – automatically classifying sensitive data with or without user intervention and embedding the protection within the data itself. IP/2 instantly identifies, classifies and persistently tags all new, modified or accessed sensitive data from any origin.

Data Loss Prevention

IP/2 can either function as standalone Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions or can complement and enhance existing DLPs – adding a crucial layer of enterprise data security. IP/2 lowers the burden on DLP by accurately identifying, classifying and tagging sensitive enterprise data early in the data lifecycle to allow effective DLP enforcement.

IRM (permission management)

The protection engine responsible for the enforcement is based on third party IRM and encryption engines such as Microsoft AD RMS or S/MIME. Other protection engines can also be easily integrated based on the open framework architecture.


IP/2 enhances the visibility of sensitive data and its usage – creating an enterprise-wide mapping of where sensitive data resides, who accesses it, where it is sent and how it is used.

IP/2 is for all industries

Banking and Financial Services

Comply with different regulations and protect customer data.


Protect your intellectual property.


Compliance through protecting private and sensitive information.


Protect customer data, comply with state regulations and protect sensitive data.

Defense Sector

Enforce compartmentalization methodology for sensitive information.

And for any type of content





Web and Cloud Data

SharePoint Platform

External applications or programs like HYPERSUITE/5

Across your whole IT landscape incl. PCs, laptops, BYOD etc.

Since IP/2 works in a content-sensitive way it can protect all data including e-mail, documents or any other files tagged as sensitive. The protection of this data happens according to your customizable security policy and can be deployed in a modular way.

Meet our Expert

Michael Kern

The classification and the encryption of data are the fundamental components of an effective protection.

IP/2 classifies and protects sensitive data from its time of creation. It is based on a technology that embeds the classification and the applied protection into the data itself.

Michael Kern

Benefits for the user


IP/2 protection works embedded with or without user intervention in all Windows applications and does not affect performance or user experience negatively. Manual or automatic classification? With its project experiences, IMTF will support you with the automatic pre-selection of the data to be classified in order to reduce manual classification.

Benefits for the organization

Security according to your specifications

IP/2 is based on rules. Define parameters such as content or users and simply create business process oriented rules on how to protect structured and unstructured data And simply orient yourself on your specifications.

Benefits for IT

Easy implementation

IP/2 is an endpoint solution that works online and offline, always and everywhereeven on mobile devices. The implementation is easy thanks to the strong focus on the business rules. In addition, IP/2 is based on Microsoft technology and is being developed in close collaboration with Microsoft. Thus IP/2 builds on one of the most trusted security providers in the world.

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