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Secure Document Management

Document Lifecycle Management

Archive and Records Management

eDossier and Case Management

HYPERSUITE/5 – Secure Enterprise Content Management


If documents are not managed proactively in an organization, it can result in lost information and duplicated records, leading to loss of productivity and profitability. Moreover, security breaches can have a significant adverse impact on a company’s bottom line business and non-compliance to legal archiving and record keeping regulations will result in fines and reputational damage.

 HYPERSUITE/5 addresses all your business and IT needs for compliant Information Management and is built to become your central infrastructure solution:

  • Modular & customizable

  • Web-based platform

  • Digital audit compliant

  • Any format

  • Any source & storage format

  • Unified capturing

  • BPM & Workflow

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Archiving & Records management

Security and Information Protection

HYPERSUITE/5 comes with all features necessary to protect your documents from unauthorized access and protects confidential content in multiple ways. In addition HYPERSUITE/5 provides enhanced permission capabilities close to IRM functionality for the printing and saving of documents and records.

Multi-Channel Capture & Classification

HYPERSUITE/5’s capture & imaging functions include broad OCR / ICR and classification services to automate the capturing of transactions. Capabilities to capture individual or high volumes of documents from email and office applications in a distributed business environment are also included.

E-mail and Office Direct Archiving

HYPERSUITE/5 E-mail Management features a central archiving platform to securely store, manage and retrieve e-mail content. HYPERSUITE/5 E-mail Archiving ensures regulatory compliance for all relevant e-mails, groups of e-mails and e-mails in client dossiers.

Folder Management

HYPERSUITE/5 makes it easy to create electronic dossiers and manage the whole life cycle. Using electronic or virtual dossiers is the perfect way to organize customer centric views on all data and documents inside HYPERSUITE/5 across your business departments.

Document Lifecycle Management

HYPERSUITE/5 comes with all relevant life cycle functionalities for Document and Records Management such as how long to retain information and how to archive and dispose. Record and retention policies can be applied consistently to any type of content.

Case Management

HYPERSUITE/5 Case Management is designed to support business processes. Case Management makes it easy to track and monitor multiple activities according to your business rules. Case Management becomes even more powerful when used in combination with the HYPERSUITE/5 eDossier functionality.

Business Application Integration

Several levels of interfaces (API, HTTP, XML, Web Services etc.) and standardized connectors such as Active Directory, LDAP, WebDAV, etc. allow the easy integration of your business applications for capturing, processing and retrieval of documents.

Archive & Records Management

HYPERSUITE/5 provides all features and functions to meet the legal requirements for archiving documents and electronic dossiers in a compliant way. With built-in records management functionality the full life cycle management of all your business data and documents is guaranteed from creation, editing and archiving up until final and controlled deletion.

Holdmail / Periodic Mail

Holdmail and Periodic Mail supports the automated creation of documents for the bank’s customers.

Key Benefits


Seamless Efficiency

  • HYPERSUITE/5 Portal – the single point of information with multiple search methods, including structured, full-text, faceted, and context-sensitive search, as well as search favorites and history.
  • HYPERSUITE/5 Case Manager – supports business processes end2end. The Case Manager automates cases intelligently and is guiding work that requires flexibility and human judgment.
    It brings together all stakeholders, information, and documents needed to fulfill all tasks throughout the entire lifecycle of a case. It is a role-based collaboration and workflow tool offering complete case lifecycle visibility from receiving, routing, collaboration, resolution, and reporting.
  • HYPERSUITE/5 Configurator – a highly flexible and intuitive GUI allows the administration and configuration of all your document management and archiving functions.

organization BENEFITS

Security and Compliance

HYPERSUITE/5 provides control, access, processing and sharing for all your enterprise content in a secure and regulatory compliant way.

It allows you to capture, organize, manage, retrieve and archive structured and unstructured information from anywhere in your organization.

IT department BENEFITS

Easy implementation

HYPERSUITE/5 is a modern “cutting edge” software solution based on a full JEE Service Oriented Architecture providing all essential electronic document management functions and more.
It is the base for an easy integration into any existing environment.

HYPERSUITE/5 unifies all advantages of a single repository for your enterprise content:

  • Document Management combines documents and processes and supports the complete life cycle: automated & integrated processes
  • Records Management helps you manage legal and financial risk by maintaining and disposing of content according to defined policies and legally approved methods: Compliance
  • Information Rights Management protects valuable and sensitive content wherever it is and prevents information theft, unauthorized access, and inappropriate use: Security & Protection
  • All this with Enterprise Archive Cost Benefits.

Meet our expert

Gianmarco Ferri

Service Oriented Architecture

With its Service Oriented Architecture, HYPERSUITE/5 gives maximum flexibility in different deployment scenarios whether it is deployed as a single system or as a system with multiple and distributed service instances. Furthermore, in combination with its standard Web Services interface, all DMS, Archiving and Records Management services are available for external applications independent from the deployment scenario.

Multi-jurisdiction Proven

Working in a multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency environment with distributed offices around the world, HYPERSUITE/5 is able to support legal requirements accordingly and securely.

Distributed Locations

HYPERSUITE/5 supports centralized configuration and management of multiple legal entities via a single instance (MESI). The HYPERSUITE/5 Configurator allows individual legal entities to have their own configuration.
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