Immediate access to what matters most

All in one place

Unified and centralized folder structure

Accessible securely anywhere

Preconfigured templates

Accessible securely anywhere

Convenient and compliant

Full audit trail

HYPERSUITE Folder Manager

Organize all documents pertaining to the same customer, case, process or topic in electronic folders while ensuring compliant storage.

The Folder Manager is designed to allow knowledge workers to organize digital documents coming from multiple sources in an electronic folder (eFolder) dedicated specifically to a customer, a case, a process, a transaction, etc.

By grouping, for example, documents relating to the same customer, business users will immediately have access to the most up-to-date information at all times.

This 360° customer-centric view will benefit the quality and pertinence of any decision-making process.

Unified and centralized folder structured

eFolders offer a unified and consistent structure across the whole organization while meeting the needs of specific departments and cross-functional processes, such as:

  • Automating your mailroom
  • Onboarding a new customer
  • Granting a credit/loan
  • Investigating payments
  • Handling legal cases
  • Managing personnel files

Omni-channel capture and sharing

Documents can be uploaded to eFolders from your local system, a scanner, MFPs and mobile devices. Office documents and emails can be sent to eFolders directly within Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Drag&Drop of documents into eFolders and an advanced search functionality make eFolders the most effective virtual working place for information workers.

Key Benefits: 

  • Immediate access to what matters most
  • All in one place
  • Unified, centralized and individual folder structures
  • Convenient, secure and compliant
  • Preconfigured templates
  • Complete Mailroom Automation
  • Full audit trail
  • Integrated with HYPERSUITE/5

Accessible securely anywhere

Working with eFolders is as easy as working with paper folders while removing the restrictions of place and time: eFolders are accessible 24/7 and are securely sharable among users thanks to HYPERSUITE/5 security and permission management. Additionally, the organization will benefit from legally compliant and secure storage of all documents.

Convenient and compliant

The functionality allows switching seamlessly between a document-centric and an eFolder-centric view of documents and information for optimal decision making.

Full audit trail

The Folder Manager comes with a full audit trail of all documents and eFolders activities.

Preconfigured templates

Business users can either create their own eFolders structure or leverage standard templates to best suit the needs of knowledge retention and collaboration between users.

Electronic signature

In a move to a more efficient and friendly client experience, the Folder Manager allows for all types of documents to be signed electronically by the Bank’s clients on smart devices. 

All signed documents will be automatically stored in the Folder Manager within the appropriate Client Folder, with no additional touch.

Voice and video files

In another step towards delivering a better customer experience, the Folder Manager is now also able to playback multimedia directly in the browser, saving time for the end user that does not have to download anymore video and audio files, they can be played directly in the browser just like opening a standard document.

Enterprise search

The Folder Manager offers an enterprise-wide search which users can access at anytime from anywhere within the Folder Manager. It allows them to access all needed information by just typing in all their criteria in one search bar.

Mailroom automation

The Folder Manager allows banks to digitize and automate their entire physical mailroom process.
Based on the information extracted from the incoming mail, the solution can detect the document type, intended receiver -a department or a person- and automatically route it to a predefined inbox whose owner is notified of the incoming document.

Phone call records

Buying and selling have to happen on the spot, without the hassle of paperwork. So, more and more banks use orders placed over phone calls as proof of decisions made by their client. The Folder Manager integrates with SIP Servers in order to automatically make all phone calls available in customer folders thus allowing the bank representative to always have a complete overview of all information exchanged with the client at any time.

Bulk scanning

Users can split, merge, rearrange documents in the Folder Manager instead of investing time in manually splitting and arranging documents prior to scanning them.

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