Enterprise Case Management

The Enterprise Risk Case Manager enables a firm-wide approach to proactively address risk and Compliance across the enterprise, providing a central platform for holistic case and alert management to meet the needs of securities compliance, financial crime, and corporate security organizations at regional and global institutions.


The Enterprise Risk Case Manager consolidates information from existing detection systems into a single, user-friendly application for managing alerts, case development, investigations, regulatory reporting (i.e. SAR), loss management, oversight, and more.  By supporting risk operations with comprehensive workflow management, evidence collection, and documentation the product enables clients to:


The Case Manager digitizes and automates activities related to any cross-functional process. It improves the efficiency of how people work together, independently of systems, internal organizational units or external parties involved.


The tasks are displayed in context -relevant to the task and to the overall process- to intuitively guide the stakeholders carry out their activities in the most efficient and accurate way. All tasks are tracked and can be re-assigned (delegated to roles or persons), escalated and, when necessary, new tasks may be added on an ad-hoc basis.

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The Case Manager brings together all stakeholders, information, and documents required to accurately complete tasks throughout the entire lifecycle of a case. Tasks are typically requests (for decisions, documents, and reviews) or approvals. Tasks may be settled sequentially or in parallel.


The Activity Flow Stage shows all stakeholders involved in the case and the respective status of their tasks anytime. Multiple team members and stakeholders from other departments can work on the same case, share documents and get feedback in real-time.