IMTF Solutions

IMTF is a Swiss global leader in software and IT services for financial institutions. We offer our products and services globally through a network of subsidiaries in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of RegTech solutions for automating key processes and to respond to the constantly changing regulations, such as multi-channel, flexible Onboarding, efficient Client Life Cycle Management, modular and compliant Document Management and highly automated KYC, Due Diligence and AML Compliance.

All our business solutions are based on the latest technologies and their complete integration with your core systems allows end-to-end coverage of processes with maximum efficiency and flexibility. We implement solutions to protect all your information and to ensure consistent compliance across your organization.

Our applications help more than 250 customers in more than 50 countries to control costs, make better decisions and be more efficient and responsive. We protect your information and prevent losses and reputational damage. Our expertise gained from more than 30 years and a clear focus enable our customers to achieve sustained added value.

automation-iconAutomation of Banking Processes


Onboarding & CLM

Offer a fully digitized experience, innovate and harmonize your sales processes


AML Compliance

Adopt a risk-based approach with the most effective analytics such as behavior recognition

Payment Capture

State-of-the-Art system allowing highest automation degree and  processing rate

lock-iconCollaboration / Case Management


Enterprise Case Management

Automate all your processes to increase collaboration and get work done efficiently


Electronic Folder Manager

Organize all documents pertaining to the same customer, case, process or topic in electronic folders

lock-iconContent Management & Data Protection

Secure & Compliant Document Management

Control, access, process and share all your content in a secure and compliant way

Protection of Sensitive Client Information

Instantly identify, classify and tag any new, modified or accessed sensitive data


Output Management

Automate and personalize your content delivery through multiple channels including print, web and e-mail

compliance-iconCompliance and Fraud Prevention



AML Compliance

Adopt a risk-based approach with the most effective analytics such as behavior recognition

Smart Semantic Search

Multilingual semantic person search across chosen internal and external data sources


Enterprise Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud with sophisticated data mining , complex event processing, and correlations

Market Compliance

Detect, prevent, and deter non-compliant activities
(for Brokerage firms & regulators)

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