Siron Anti-Financial Crime Solutions delivered by IMTF is a proven and leading software platform enabling Financial Institutions to handle increasing complexity of AML/KYC/Tax and other international and local regulatory requirements with maximum efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

Since 1999 more than 1’200 Financial Institutions across the Globe have been relying on various Siron modules to prevent and fight financial crime and mitigate regulatory risk.

Siron solutions are constantly evolving to cover ever changing regulations and to detect as well as anticipate new money laundering and financial crime schemes. Academic research, new or changed regulatory requirements, best industry practices, and users feedback are continuously integrated and made available to customers, i.e. a new major product version is released every year.

The new Siron release (v17) coming this fall will offer:

  • full compatibility with the collaborative and flexible Case Manager
  • even more sophisticated AML detection scenarios configuration capabilities and alerts triggering conditions to handle increasing complexity of ML schemes and techniques (SironAML)
  • further enhanced KYC Questionnaires (e.g. alternative names, managing recurrent alerts, etc.) and customers’ risk assessment in batch mode (SironKYC)
  • support of SWIFT Standards Release 2018 (SironEmbargo)
  • new functionalities and enhancement to SironTCR Reporting (e.g. cancellation reports, processing of authorities’ responses, etc.)
  • additional performance, scalability and security enhancements (all modules)
  • A number of new languages for the user interface

With the release of this new major version, the support will expire for the legacy versions prior to v15.

Please ensure to plan for an upgrade of your legacy version no later than December 2017.

Contact us to schedule an upgrade or for more information.


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