Output Management

Focusing in the financial services and health care sectors, IMTF’s product and service offering for Output Management will enable your organization for seamless, targeted and cost effective customer interactions. We offer tools and technologies for the automated and personalised delivery of content through multiple channels including print, web and e-mail.


Our offering is based on the Assentis “DocFamily” solution, providing document composition, content management and document delivery functionalities.

Based on open standards such as J2EE, and XML, DocFamily addresses the interactive design and production of high-volume real time transactional output, saving you time, cutting costs and improving your client interactions.

Key Advantages:

  • Service oriented document composition
  • Transactional output production and on-demand / real-time document production
  • Document Integration & Conversion
  • Post-Processing
  • Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Interactive Forms
  • Individual Correspondence and Mailings
  • Transpromo
  • Campaign Management
  • Electronic Inserts

DocFamily: Solutions for Output Management


DocFamily is a software-platform providing document composition, content management and document delivery services to any organisation, from small businesses to global operations, managing single communications as well as large volumes.
It combines a wide range of integrated functional modules in a single solution, called DocFamily, to help businesses successfully communicate with their customers, employees, and partners through customised, high quality, and more relevant documents.

DocFamily consists of the following solutions:

Assentis DocDesign logo


Development environment for designing document templates and linking layout elements with variable XML data.

Assentis DocRepo logo


Multi-user repository for enterprise-wide document design and re-use of layout elements as well as templates and resources.

Assentis DocAdmin logo


Web-based administrator console for all DocFamily components. Manage, control and monitor document processing.

Assentis DocBase logo


Production server for high-volume, high-performance document production and distribution.

Assentis DocWrite logo


Text editing tool for interactively enriching standard documents with personalized and individual client‘s information.

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