Join IMTF at the SIGS Technology Summit in Bern on June 23rd

Dr. Olaf Riebe, CTO and Head Business Unit ECM at IMTF, counts among the speakers of this year’s summit.

Entitled “Data-centric security – what is new ?”, Dr. Riebe’s presentation will cover data-centric security from a process and a technical perspective. He will share his experience made when implementing data-centric security solutions; more specifically the importance of information identification and life-cycle classification  to trigger the suitable protection mechanisms like DLP or RMS functionalities.

More information can be found on the event website.

Dr. Olaf Riebe is an outstanding DMS expert with a proven track record. He worked for more then 20 years in the area of «Secure Document und Records Management» and has a strong background in internet communication technologies. He is a member of the IMTF management team being responsible for the «Enterprise Content Management» business unit where he drives partnerships and emerging markets. Working at IMTF since 2008 his ambition is to enhance DMS and workgroup solutions with state-of the-art security technologies to protect any information from unauthorized access and usage. Dr. Olaf Riebe holds a PhD in Computer Science.