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Great satisfaction in delivering our enriched solutions.

Working in IMTF’s Compliance, Risk & Fraud team is always challenging as the regulations are always changing and the money launderers and fraudsters never rest! I work on technology solutions for financial institutions from Europe to the Middle East to Asia and these interactions continually expand my knowledge in this field.

At IMTF, I meet and work with people from many different cultures. Amidst this interesting mix, I find great satisfaction in delivering our enriched solutions to our customers.

Lay Ching

Senior Technical Consultant / Application Integrator, IMTF Singapore

Die Mitarbeiter werden ermutigt, ihre Meinung zu äussern …

IMTF employee

Senior Project Manager

Der Wechsel in dieses offene, dynamische Team und der Support bei IMTF, den ich von allen Seiten erhielt, haben mich deutlich schneller zum Erfolg geführt, als ich es mir je erträumt hätte. Die Motivation und das hervorragende Betriebsklima an unserem Freiburger Standort und in Lokationen weltweit begeistern mich und meine Kunden täglich neu. Die Mitarbeiter werden ermutigt, ihre Meinung zu äussern, und das Management interessiert sich auch wirklich für die Ansichten und das Feedback der Leute. Ich fühle mich im Team sowohl auf beruflicher als auch auf privater Ebene bestens aufgehoben und respektiert. Die Vielfalt im Unternehmen ist einfach faszinierend. Ich glaube, dass ich von all den positiven Beziehungen und dem täglichen Umgang mit Kollegen aus aller Welt wirklich profitiere.


Senior Project Manager

J’aime IMTF!

IMTF est une entreprise de taille humaine dans laquelle je travaille comme développeur depuis pas mal d’années. Pourtant on dirait que c’est hier que j’ai commencé. Le temps est passé très vite et je pense que c’est parce-que je ne me suis pas encore ennuyer. Tous les jours j’ai du plaisir à participer avec une équipe dynamique qui travaille, avec les dernières technologies, pour fournir à nos clients exigent un produit de qualité. J’aime, aussi, tous les gens de talent de différentes cultures qui collabore, ou qui ont collaboré, avec moi car je peux partager et agrandir mes connaissances et mon expérience avec eux. Tous ses point me permettent, jour après jour, de fournir le meilleure de moi et de me développer tant au niveau personnel que professionnel.

J’aime IMTF!


Technical Consultant / Application Integrator

… jede/r Mitarbeiter/in zählt.

IMTF bietet ein angenehmes Arbeitsumfeld, in welchem man gefordert wird, selbständig arbeiten und Ideen / Vorschläge einbringen kann – jede/r Mitarbeiter/in zählt. Dies ist in unserer heutigen Zeit nicht selbstverständlich, ich persönlich schätze dies aber sehr.


Finance & Administration

Being a part of the IMTF team means enjoying the flexibility of managing your work with one of the most dynamic solutions within the ECM area. Knowing that your work is appreciated by management and you always have the needed support of your colleagues.

Although I am a newbie at IMTF, I feel myself fully accepted and integrated. If you wish to work for a company with a bright future with the needed enthusiasm, you should join us. We would love to get to know you.


Head of Professional Services BU ECM

… you always have the needed support of your colleagues.

Head of Professional Services BU ECM

Sounds like something for you?

… a pleasant work environment, diversified work with opportunities to learn new skills.

IMTF is my first work experience in Switzerland and for the past seven years it has been a very positive one. There are many contributing factors including a pleasant work environment, diversified work with opportunities to learn new skills but the standout factor would be the people.

We are a diverse international group of people coming from many corners of the globe but we work in harmony and it is interesting.   The work is serious but we still find opportunities to have fun.

The structure is relatively informal and senior management approachable. IMTF offers a collaborative team and more often than not, a very enjoyable day at work which is a “big tick” for me.


Product Manager

… opportunity to get exposed to different cultures …

Interesting job, many employees go out of their way to help you, lots of autonomy and freedom to act on your own initiative. It has great banking products in the domain of ECM & Compliance with a good client base and global coverage which gives you the opportunity to get exposed to different cultures.


Sales & Business Development

…climat de confiance et d’indépendance.

IMTF m’a permis d’acquérir une expérience, des connaissances et compétences variées dans beaucoup de domaines administratifs et comptables et aussi de pouvoir travailler dans un climat de confiance et d’indépendance.


Finance & Administration

It is a pleasure to be a part of this organisation…

A good career start in Switzerland with IMTF has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

The diversity of the people and the comfortable working atmosphere played a great role in integrating myself into this new world.

IMTF gave me the opportunity to work directly with the clients which allows you to get a wide perspective and come up with more ideas.

Working with a group of expert colleagues who are willing to share the knowledge and lend a hand has always helped me overcome any new challenges.

The flexible working hours and the understanding managers at IMTF are a great support and encouragement for a working mother like me to balance the work and family life.

The several team events and the yearly family get-togethers show the team spirit and the family-friendliness at IMTF.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this organisation which has improved my technical as well as inter-personal skills.


Technical Consultant / Application Integrator

… success […] came from the very tight collaboration between teams and within teams between colleagues.

I joined IMTF in 2011 from big company to a smaller than IMTF is. Although the environment remained multinational, in IMTF everything what you do, you directly see the impact of your work and have a greater reliance on your team members. Therefore I quickly came to realize that the success of the projects In IMTF came from the very tight collaboration between teams and within teams between colleagues. Serving primarily the private banking sector clients brings its own challenges, and all of this combined has developed me and my personal and technical skills by becoming more flexible, planning better and being more proactive in order to deliver in the projects.

Thus, team work is very important for me and within IMTF and without the team I could not have succeeded in my projects.


Head of Product Management

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