Automation of Banking Processes

Process Automation is designed to speed the delivery of (Banking-) tasks and services while helping to avoid manual errors. By defining, automating and orchestrating processes across organizational silos that use disparate systems, IMTF’s solutions helps improve productivity while also enforcing standards.

With IMTF’s Process Automation Solutions you can automate administrative processes that span multiple departments and systems, reduce the time to deliver services, and enforce homogenity and compliance across your organization.

The benefits are speaking for themselves:

  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Speed service delivery
  • Improve service quality
  • Enforce compliance polices

Our Process Automation Solutions are covering the following areas:

  • Client Onboarding / Due Diligence (ICOS) (more…)
  • Output Management (DocFamily) (more…)
  • Payment Capture Automation (ZV/2) (more…)
  • Claims Management for Insurances (DP/2, LM/3)
  • Invoice Processing (Hypersuite KWA)
  • AML Transaction Monitoring (SironAML) (more…)
  • Credit Folder Management